Luis Pulido Díaz

Mexico City, Mexico ·

Code, tech and music since 2009

I created Lucky Catz Brand, a 15% nonprofit cats, devs and music fashion wear business and I am trying to change the corp lead vision. I also help companies put their merchandise on sale worldwide without the need of physical stock (pure on demand e-commerce). Also, I help small businesses and startups reduce costs and scale their web infrastructure.


Cetys Universidad

Computer Science Engineering (B.e.)
August 2008 - May 2011


Socially Educated Person
January 1986 - present


I specialize in cloud architecture and infrastructure, as well as costs reduction and web scalability through backend engineering.

Programming Languages & Tools
  • TDD, pull requests, code reviews, continuous integration
  • Security and scalability first
  • Clean, atomic code
  • Language and cloud agnosticism
  • Agile development


Music, bikes, finance, books, science, data, cloud, automation, biz, family, friends, nonprofit, spirituality, love, persistence, inclusion, freedom, peace, motivation, luck, success, lessons and life itself.

I am convinced that the meaning of life is this precise moment.

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