Luis Pulido Díaz

Mexico City, Mexico ·

I have been writing code since 2009.

I hack for Synapbox, where we analyse microexpressions and create valuable data for companies to spend advertisement money wisely and optimize their campaigns. I work with an amazing team doing backend engineering and architecture. I also help companies reduce costs and scale their web infrastructure.

I created Lucky Catz Brand, a 15% nonprofit cats, devs and music fashion wear and apparel company that designs and sells products worldwide via different channels (Online store, Amazon, Facebook, etc). I also help companies put their merchandise on sale worldwide without the need of physical stock (pure on demand e-commerce).



I work with amazing people building a powerful product that analyses human behavior and lets companies save millions before launching their campaigns. Our clients love us.

June 2018 - Present


I created a company that deliver high quality fashion and apparel products worldwide to cat lovers and give 15% of their profit to help the animal society.

July 2018 - Present

Sr. Backend Engineer

Conekta is the leading online payments platform in México. My goals included PCI-compliance, security and architecture optimizations, and development stability. I achieved to reduce infrastructure costs and latency while increasing scalability and security.

June 2017 - March 2018

Sr. Software Engineer

I worked in a mortgage marketing application in PHP that automates websites and marketing applications. Before that, I worked in a project that was a leading edge automotive parts business tool migration to newer technologies. It has been challenging to implement the robustness of such a platform while maintaining the compatibility with older users. That project was a migration from Progress to Ruby on Rails.

August 2016 - June 2017

Sr. Software Engineer

I worked with a medical and weight loss management institution with several clinics distributed in the U.S. that use wearable technologies and different services and frameworks. Worked with health data that made me very careful about data-handling processes and other good practices (HIPAA compliant). Worked in .NET and Ruby on Rails..

October 2014 - March 2016

Check out my LinkedIn profile for more details.


Cetys Universidad

Computer Science Engineering (B.e.)
August 2008 - May 2011


Socially Educated Person
January 1986 - present


I specialize in cloud architecture and infrastructure, as well as costs reduction and web scalability through backend engineering.

Programming Languages & Tools
  • TDD, pull requests, code reviews, continuous integration
  • Security and scalability first
  • Clean, atomic code
  • Language and cloud agnosticism
  • Agile development


Music, bikes, finance, books, science, data, cloud, automation, biz, family, friends, nonprofit, spirituality, love, persistence, inclusion, freedom, peace, motivation, luck, success, lessons and life itself.

I am convinced that the meaning of life is this precise moment.

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