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this is called "oh" for now... I am trying to make this sound better each time. Now I added a sidechain to the bass and some other sounds, cleaned the kicks, and re-recorded the kicks because they were so repetitive. It still will continue evolving. This is as of March 30, 2020. Hope you are doing well in these hard times. Stay safe.

this next one is called 1949 because there is an interesting paper from Shannon about secrecy that was published that year. it was masterized by a good friend C├ęsar Coronado, who is a very good option to contact if you need remasterization services.

the next stuff found here is only for testing purposes, but feel free to use it. also, usable stuff is found here, like oldschool file listing.

i usually upload stuff for self use, so if you mix just use once but keep credits because all these is copyrighted and cc, but soon online jams that'll make it, next ones are backyard and birds,

these songs encourage you to vibe positively every time. Not quite sure if it does so subliminally and/or direct, or none or both... unwarrantied